The basic function of Anticks Performance is to look after your VW Audi group car to the same specific values that VAG wishes, ensuring longevity and enjoyment for years after the car leaves the production line.

How do we do that?

First we listen to you, the customer.
After all you own it, you drive it.
When your car goes in for a service or other work, mechanical or body, you get to speak to the technician how will be carrying out that work. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation.
We use genuine parts, fitted at the correct interval.
We quote on all work, this allows you to make an informed descision about having work carried out, without the fear of an unexpected surprise when you pick it up!! (We’ve all been there!).
We develop a relationship with our customers and there cars, each one is slightly different and gets treated as such.

If you have a VAG group car old or new, classic or sports, you can’t afford to be without us on your side.